There’s no place like home

It’s now been five days since we made it back home in Port Alberni, and we have been very negligent in updating this blog. We sincerely apologize for the delay, and offer as an excuse deep, crushing exhaustion. And after about 8500 km in three weeks, and in the car for 12 our of 22 days, I’m sure you’ll understand. But while we are at least recovering, it is our poor car that seems to have suffered the most as it now sits in the driveway unable, or unwilling, to start up again.

But in spite of my whining, it really was an amazing trip and well worth distance traveled. As handy as email and Facebook may be, they simply can’t replace an old fashioned face-to-face chat, especially when seeing old friends or try to share vision.

The highlight of the trip was simply the reception that we received. It’s not like we expected to be laughed out of town when we shared our plans. It’s just that we didn’t expect it to be so easy. No one seemed to doubt the importance of missions in general, or missions to Italy specifically, which was unbelievably encouraging and affirming for both Julia and myself.

So thank you to everyone we were able to meet with along the way. Your willingness to buy into what we are doing has given us an extra jolt of excitement as we get closer to our target date.

Thanks to Westfort Baptist and First Baptist churches in Thunder Bay for your hospitality, generosity, and for providing the opportunity to share.

And thank you to everyone who provided us with a place to stay along the way. You helped make this trip affordable for us.

Finally, thank you to our new partners who, by your monthly donations, are helping make this possible for us.

So where are we now? Difficult to say, other than closer. We have a lot of follow-up and phone calls yet to make, so we expect things to become significantly clearer in the next couple of weeks. We’ll keep you updated along the way. Thanks for following our journey!