Decisions made, and time to move on it.

Back from London, jet lag mostly taken care of, it’s time to move on with things. We have decided to proceed with the move to London, and the decision was actually an easy one. It seems like London is going to be a great place for us. The church seems great, as does the opportunity to serve there. We already found someone to help us work on learning Italian, and we will have the freedom to make some trips to Italy at various times in the year. We will have a fully-furnished place to live in the church building, which is not only means that we have one less thing to deal with in the move, but promises a very short commute. All in all, we are really excited to have made the decision and be able to move ahead with what we feel God is leading us to do.

That’s the fun part. Now we just need to make it happen, with our first concern being the necessary visas for Julia and the kids. {If the UK Border Agency happens to be a reader of this blog, may we just mention that we are good people, and would be good additions to your country. Please don’t make it so difficult for us to get in. Also, learning a foreign language could not possibly be as difficult as interpreting your website.}

After a slight false start due to bad information, we are gathering the necessary documents to prove we are who we say we are and that we won’t be spending our time there on welfare, in preperation for actually submitting the application, and gritting our collective teeth for signing a very generous cheque over to the UK government. After that an appointment in Vancouver will be set up (early January?) for biometric scans, at which point the clock starts on our application. We can expect it back anytime from 15-60 days after that point, although the vast majority come in on the early side.

We had hoped for something far easier than all of that, but no other options seem available. We are anxious to get on with things, so it’s no fun to wait with no idea as to when it will be time to move. At the same time, we are confident that Jesus has called us to walk this path, so it is up to him to make it all possible. Your prayer will certainly not hurt, though!


1 thought on “Decisions made, and time to move on it.

  1. Wow the UK certainly make it difficult. Don’t they know what good people you are? Maybe we should all write letters on your behalf:)) And they make you pay for the priviledge? You are certainly jumping through many hoops but in the end, the UK will be the benefactors. God Bless, Diane

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