Thinking Outside the Box

The countdown is on. This came to me as a very strong realization at the wee hours of Sunday night while I struggled to fall asleep, one week from today we are going to be on the way to start our new life in London.
Our last three weeks were 100 % dedicated to packing more than 8 years of our life here in Western Canada and putting them in boxes. It’s a grueling task if you ask me and I do not enjoy it. Recently, at a friend’s party Brad was excitedly involved in a conversation with equally excited friend about the thrill of finding the right spot in the box for the right object and the satisfaction that it brings. Wow, I just had to shake my head in disbelief! All attempts to pack bring me anxiety, sense of chaos when I look at my house in ruins and a bit of regret that I am not out enjoying my day with my friends and a cup of coffee. We had to part with most of our furniture early last week, so all that is left in my living room are two bright red Ikea chairs and a TV. Our dressers, couches, chairs, lamps, book cases, all the home furnishings, ANYTHING that brings our house any sense of identity are gone… moved on… no longer here. This home doesn’t feel like ours anymore. It’s time for us to follow suit.
Now, that we have less than a week left in Canada I keep getting reminders that are getting louder and louder in my mind. It’s imperative that I lift my head out of the fort that Mitchell and Vika made out of boxes and start considering the future beyond what I see. Isn’t that a challenge that we face all of our life-thinking outside of our circumstances? It’s so easy to plunge ourselves into the sea of busyness, or in my case…boxes of stuff, and lose sight of where we are going with it. I have such a love-hate relationship with this journey that the Father has us on. I get so teary and overwhelmed with the present, but then I look back and marvel at the lessons that I learned and strength that I gained through the challenges I was presented with. It is my own reality show- I get put in the situations of great stress just to see how I am going to react. And every time I learn something more about myself and my relationship with Jesus, but maybe that’s the point. I guess I am an adventure seeker because it makes me LOVE MY LIFE!


New things

This is going to be short, seeing as there are a few things going on over here. But it seemed like enough has happened to make it worth checking in.

First, having been warned that our visas may take as long as 60 working days, we received word that, 12 days in, they had been issued. Then, after having received very little indication that anyone wanted to rent our house-or at least at the asking price-we had a small flurry of interest, culminating in renting the house to a friend.

And now our house is (almost) packed, and our car is (almost) sold, and our tickets bought. We’ll be flying out on February 7, so getting all of these out of the way so quickly is pretty much imperative. And yes, that means that we have only a little more than two weeks before we hit the ground in London.

With justĀ  as little as two weeks left in the place where we became a family, in the church where I’ve learned the difference of working as a pastor to being a pastor, in the city in which I’ve lived the longest of my entire life, Julia is pressuring me to get thouthful and retrospective in this post while I just want to get the packing done!

I’m not sure what I have to say. With the whirwind of events going on around us, it has become difficult to keep our heads straight enough to have a coherent thought, let alone an insightful one. I guess that’s a normal part of any transition, but for us it has been something to pay attention to. We are attempting to do something because Jesus has led us to it, a fact that becomes easy to forget at a time like this. In the midst of all the busyness, it feels like everything is about getting it done, and not necessarily getting it done while keeping our eyes on Jesus. Not that this is any different than everyday life, only it becomes much more apparent when the stress level gets turned up. I think that at times like that we get challenged to explore our faith. Do I think it depends on me (and my organizational or packing abilities) or on Jesus working through me? Turns out it kinda matters how we answer that question.