Musings of a Canadian Abroad

It is always a vulnerable feeling to be living abroad when anything at all happens in one’s home country. And of course it is never the good things that make it onto a newscast, which means that no one is talking about all the amazing things about Canada. Drunk guys wearing hockey jerseys burning police cars? Now that is front page stuff. My defense mechanism is avoidance, as in, I’m staying as far away as I am able from sports news web pages until the next non-Canadian scandal takes priority, as pictures of Vancouver burning tend to disrupt the idyllic version of Canada I prefer.

Of course, it is hardly perfect over here in the Old World either. Rumor is that missionaries in the EU are about to have their tax rate go through the roof, making it increasingly difficult to minister in what was already a very hard place. We are thankful for my UK passport, which helps us avoid the increase, although the importance of the rest of the family getting the same just went up. We have to look a bit more into what this will entail, but living here has been a real blessing, especially as we consider how it will continue to help us into the future. God has this way of putting things into place and solving problems before we even know they exist which is really stunning to consider. Case in point, God solved this tax problem for us before the EU ministers had even handed it to us.

All of which increases expectation for what he will do into the future. I am thinking here of some work for Julia, which she is hoping to get for the summer. (In fact, she is at an interview as I write this.) The hope is that a summer contract for six weeks of teaching English will allow us to put the extra money aside for trips to Italy, including an extended time in August and shorter trips in September and October. It is all incredibly competitive as government cutbacks have greatly reduced the number of positions available even while flooding the market with newly-unemployed English teachers, but we have a lot of confidence that God will open doors. That said, we’d appreciate prayer for the right job in the right place.{Update: She got the job at Oxford House College where she did her training, and for more hours and a longer contract than expected!}

Some pics from our recent family trip to Paris, in celebration of Julia finishing her course…