The Next Wave of Mission

We are convinced that Europe is desperately in need of Jesus.

But we are aware that not everyone will see it quite the same way. And of course we understand. For so long we have got used to thinking about mission as originating in the first world and sent inevitably to the third world, as if spiritual poverty were, always, linked to monetary poverty.

Except that it isn’t. At least not always. The church in China, Africa, South America and Central Asia is growing in ways not seen since, perhaps, Acts. At the same time, Europe-and North America is desperate for Christ, whether or not they know it yet. And at sometime in the next decade the rest of the church will wake up to the reality, as has already begun to happen. In the meantime we are happy to make the case for investment by mission into the Global North. And we’ll happily accept a little help along the way. Rather than listen only to us, have a read of this blog, which makes the case in the North American context. While Europe is different than California, the same spiritual emptiness remains the same.

And so, from Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary, we hope you enjoy Jesus in Cougar Town.