Living a great story

It’s been an anxious month, with unexpected expenses and no obvious way to pay them. But God, as he always does, has come through. Although all is not yet resolved, our situation – where we briefly wondered if we would have to abandon all this and return to Canada – is looking a whole lot better at the moment.

It is inevitable in these times to wonder what God is up to and if he is aware just how un-fun it is for those of us living through it. And yet I can say with the experience of having lived through several of these moments that the Father is exactly as faithful as he promised. And as a bonus, I feel like I grow through every opportunity to have my faith stretched, coming out with more that I entered, and a great story with which to brag about the God I serve.

I was reminded as I woke up this morning of something Samwise Gamgee said in The Lord of the Rings. At one point, when things were dire, when he and Frodo were weighed down by the burden they were carrying, an uncertain road and the knowledge that failure was staring them in the face. Samwise reminded Frodo of all the great stories, where the hero inevitably faces horrible odds and a bleak future. But the worse things get in the story, the sweeter the victory in the end. Without great pain and uncertainty and crisis there are no great stories. At no level do I enjoy the crisis, but I feel like this is all a part of living a great story, which I know we will never regret in the end.

And for all of you who gave so much to help us out, you have our eternal thanks. This is your story too. We live it in different ways and in different places, but ultimately it requires us all to contribute in our own way. Thank you to all our supporters for your continued faithfulness in walking this journey with us.

Frey family


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